Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Raise Cash For A Hand Held GPS:

I am currently not working.  I promised myself that I would not take up any new hobbies unless they were not sitting-down hobbies.  I like paper crafts, cross stitch, Wii, board games, puzzles, word puzzles, reading, blogging, cooking, baking, surfing the net, reading Google Reader updates, going for walks, watching TV, watching movies and talking on the phone.  I made a promise that I wouldn't get us involved in any more hobbies unless the were more active.

Geocaching is perfect for us because you use the computer to find out the info (I like that), there are all kinds of accessories (travel bugs, Cache to leave, Cache to take, entire Geocaches to design, loot to shop for), there are occasional puzzles and you hike and search to find the Geocache.

I didn't want to spend money on Geocaching, least I don't stick with this fun new hobby.  But, when we decided that the car GPS just wouldn't cut it, I decided to declutter and get me a new hand held GPS.  I decided to list my CBEFM for sale, along with the box of remaining sticks that I have and one of my Wii games.  If you don't know what a CBEFM is, keep it that way.  Especially if you are male.  Trust me!  LOL.

I love decluttering.  We have a small house and we just can't hang onto everything.  It was hard for me to get here, to this mindset.  But, I always feel great after I declutter.  I also always feel great after I get my new stuff.  Go figure!

I listed the CBEFM on Craig's List and quickly sold it to a nice lady who arrived at our exchange promptly, with cash.  I listed the Wii game on Amazon and sold that within 1 week.  I had about $87 towards the new GPS and I had less junk in the house.  One of these days I will do  post about how to sell your old stuff to get new stuff.  Bye, I have to go ply with my GPS now!


  1. I really need to sell some old stuff to buy newer old stuff. lol Look forward to the tips. I did get a paper here locally that there's a "trunk sale" at a local park. Registration is $5 and you sell your junk from the trunk of the car. lol My only fear is, I'd buy more junk! :) I neeeed a GPS!

    Have a great day! Roeshel

  2. I'm glad the babies are geocaching! They love all that fresh air ;) Maybe you can get their godparents to get them some swag for their christening.