Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap - September 26, 2010

Ah, Friday - this was a recuperate day.    It was such a nice day!

Saturday was a beautiful, HOT and muggy day here.  We took a walk up the street to a little local festival.  We ate lunch there and walked around.  It was definitely geared towards older kids with the crafts and games.  We will take the kids back next year.  The kiddos has a good afternoon nap and then we did a BJ's trip for some much needed baby wipes.  Now we have over 1800 wipes.  Well, now I have 1700 wipes, haha.

Sunday the kids had their am nap and we zoomed out of the house to get to Church.  After Church and coffee hour we came home, fed the kids napped them then we went Geocaching!  We did not find the first 2 caches.  I think that 1 may have been stolen.  I am not sure what the second cache issue was.  It seemed like the GPS was wrong.  But, the third one was a great find and now we even know where there is another bike path withing 20 minutes of home!

Also during the weekend, we started turning our office into more of a playroom.  I curb-cycled a big cabinet that I was using to store cook books and alcohol.  Don't worry, I didn't curb-cycle the alcohol.  I had to part with some cookbooks (the horror!) and we had to do some kitchen rearranging.  But, it was worth it.  Now I just have to organize my craft supplies.  The kids have more room to play and now they have space to grow.

At local festival


can you spot both babies?

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