Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TV Recap - Brothers and Sisters- September 27, 2010

What a year those Walkers have had on Brothers & Sisters.  I had no idea that we were jumping ahead in the story line by 1 calendar year (until about 2 weeks ago).  I LOVE this idea!  Everyone now knows that Saul is HIV +.  They have all had a chance to digest the accident.  Robert is in a coma and Holly has memory loss.  Justin is back from his year in the war, Rebecca is still angry with him for leaving.  Luka is a model and a HOT one at that.  I am so happy to see Sara and Luka in a nice relationship.  I really like those 2 together.  I knew that when he left last season that he would be back to stay.  I hope that Rebecca shows up to speak to Justin in person.  I really wish that she was going to stay on the show.  Does anyone know what happened?  Was it her choice to leave?  Maybe it's too awkward now that her & Dave Annabelle aren't together?   They are all going to be  loaded after they get the money from the Narrow Lake sale.  Lucky ducks!! I think the Holly-has-amnesia storyline is going to be so much fun.  How great was it when she asked Nora if William knew she was here?  HAHA!  I'm glad that Kevin found a type of law to practice that he enjoys.  My favorite scene was when Kitty & Justin make up at the end.  LOVE  how Justin talks to Nora at the end of the epi, we need our nosey, bossy, controlling mother back!  That was (so true) great.  The Walker family dinner was the perfect ending to the season opener.

I have a plot question:
What happened to Scottie and Kevin's baby?  The baby dies in-utero because of a genetic abnormality?  OK, I re-watched this epi and Scottie says that they had 2 miscarriages.  It seems like Kevin blames the surrogate.  Wasn't she Scottie's friend (Michelle?)?

And, I have a storyline vent, or two:
  1. I need a Justin-drama break.  I hope they don't focus on his drama too much.  He brings on his own trouble.  He had a wife and he completly disregarded her wishes and went off to war.  
  2. Please, TV powers that be, no more epis that depict Kitty dating.  Yuck.  She's too awkward to date and it's way too awkward for me to watch.  She needs to be a single mother and widow until the show ends.

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  1. I thought this show was over. I'm glad it's not but I just can't watch it any more. I'm kind of tired of them but I want to know what happens.