Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TV Recap - Entourage - September 12, 2010

I am so sad that Entourage has come to it's season finale.  If you haven't heard, next year's season will be the last.  BOO.  I always say that this is the best show that you are not watching.  I <3 Entourage!

The buzz that I read online gave me the impression that people were disappointed in the finale.  I wasn't disappointed at all.  I think that the karma bus started taking people out starting with Ari and ending with Vince.  Mrs. Ari has put up with so much for so long that she snapped.  The absolute public nature of this recent scandal was just too much for her.  She is a lady who lunches.  No way is she putting up with her hubby being publicly outed as a cad, like that!  And, how funny was Mrs. Ari's sister?  Great casting!  Vince is being a total sterotypical movie star-coke head.  He is too new at this role to keep up the charade.  Of course it was going to all come crashing down on him.

Now, onto the other story lines.  The tequila storyline is fine for Turtle.  I am glad that he has a gf and that he is getting some love but I really think that his gf was miscast.  Or, maybe I have residual hate from her days on Heros.  I'm not that invested.  I hope that do a gf shakeup before the final season (remember Sneaker Girl?  then, bam she's gone.  That's what I'm talking about!  But, for the record, I liked Sneaker Girl).

How great was it that Johnny was behind the intervention and not E?  E always takes the blame for being the responsible one.  But, not this time, it was all Johnny.  I *never* thought that I would see Billy taking part in an Intervention (and, he ROCKS the minivan).
Funniest comments:
Vince, explaining the freezer bag full of cocaine - "I was having a party and I called our weed guy and I said gimmie a pound of both.  I don't know how to order coke because I don't really do it".
Eric: "Well, you're not that dumb".

Christina Aguilera still has a beautiful voice!  Where has she been?  Or, is the question really where have I been?  Loved the appearance of Minka Kelly, from Friday Night Lights (another great show that you are not watching!).  Too bad Vince had to be a TURD to her.

Vinny is so lucky that he had Johnny to back him up at Eminims (how do you even spell his name?) party or he would have been pummeled even worse.

Agency take over by The Backstreet Boy and E?  I feel like The Backstreet Boy is way too fresh and doesn't have anywhere near enough money to attempt this.  But, what do I know?

Future Drama Comments:
  • Do you think that E will sign the pre-nup?  I do.
  • Johnny needs some love!
  • Is Sasha gone for good?  Here's hoping.  Vince could have his pick and he chooses her?
  • We need to see the E & Sloane wedding!  That should be a major part of the final season.  If they start the season with the wedding having happened in the past (did ya follow that?) I am going to cry!  The boys all clean up so well, I want to see them.  And, we need some rehearsal dinner drama  and some speeches.

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