Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Review - 3 Customer Complaints

I am doing a segment on Tuesdays that will be a Product or Service Review.  For simplicity's sake, I am just going to call it the Product Review.  These may be brutal reviews or they may be raves.  If you have any requests, let me know.

Within the past 2 weeks, I have made 3 customer service complaints regarding things that we have purchased.  I haven't done this in a while.  But, complaint #1 was so easy and the results were so satisfactory, that I decided to keep on keepin' on.

Issue #1 - 2 of the Camcorder DVDs from the 5 pack I bought from Maxwell would not work for me.  I thought maybe it was user error, so I decided to do an internet search.  When I opened one of the DVDs up to check out exactly what it was called, I saw a customer service phone number.  Remember those?  I barely remember the days when you could call a company, speak to a human and get an answer.  BUT, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!  To my absolute pleasure, I dialed the number, made a selection and a real live person came on the phone!  I only waited for a brief time.  The person who assisted seemed to have  French accent but he spoke English well and he helped me.  He said that it is very unusual for 2 DVDs in a pack to have errors.  But, he would replace them.  For no cost to me, he sent me out 3 brand new DVDs.  I was pleasantly surprised again when I opened the package and saw 3 DVDs!

Baby Trend High Chair - Gabriella
Baby Trend Columbia High Chair - Green/ Gray
Issue #2 - One of our Baby Trend Highchairs has a tray with a broken plastic slider-grabber on the bottom. 
We can still use the highchair but it makes me nervous that one of the kids will slam their hands down and the whole tray will fall off and then the baby will fall out.  I went online and submitted a request help ticket.  They emailed me back asking for the lot # and the manufacture date.  Luckily, the email's footer contained a phone number so I called.  I got someone really helpful.  Apparently this hasn't been a complaint with the lot (yet).  But, the representative put an entire tray in the mail to replace the broken one.  All of this at no cost to me.

Issue #3 - We bought a cool new storm door for the back door when we did the kitchen renovations.  Half the door is glass (bottom) and the other half is a retractable screen (top).  It also has a key pad for keyless entry.  I though that this door would be great because I love to have the door open to let air in but I don't want anyone to just walk in and surprise me.

With the keypad, I could rest assured that the only person surprising me would be my husband.  It seems to work fine after our contractor installed it.  Then the batteries died.  We replaced the batteries, and we were sure to purchase the special batteries that were required (Lithium).  The door refused to open from the inside!  I went to the Larson site and got the customer service phone number.  There was a recording that said they were not able to assist me but, there was no way to continue to hold.  So, I submitted a request for service online.  Within 1 business day I received an email letting me know another 800 number that I could call and wait on hold.  (Luckily there is a manual release slide on the inside of the door, so, we could still use the door).  A customer service representative answered the phone within 5 minutes.  She told me how to clear the door's memory out and said that I have to enter 2 codes for the door to work properly, not just 1.  She sent me some more instructions via email.  I have to ask the husband to follow up on this for me and I will post back the results.

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