Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Am I Feeding These Kids?

My kids really like food.  At about 7 months, Jack decided he didn't want anything that came on a spoon, unless he could do the spoon himself.  I occasionally feed him something and let him do the spooning.  But, since that is so messy, I tend to give them finger foods.  I am always looking for new thing to feed the twins.  I get bored with the same old, same old.  J&J actually don't seem to mind the times when they eat ham for lunch 4 days a week.  I would.  But, they are good sports.

Here are some of the convenience foods that the kids like to eat:
banana cookies - Gerber
biter biscuits - Gerber
freeze dried bananas and strawberries - Gerber
Puffs - all flavors - Gerber
Crunchy sticks - all flavors - Gerber
rice husk cookies- Baby Mum Mum 
Yogurt Melts - all flavors except peach - Gerber

They are CRAZY about plain cheese curls that a coworker of Tom's gets from the Polish Grocery Store.

They both dislike Spaghetti O's and only Juliette will eat Beachnut's Toddler Meals - Lasagna flavor.

Thankfully, both kiddos LOVE to eat real food!
They like chicken, pork, ham, deli ham, deli turkey, hamburger and linguisa.  A week or to ago, I made crockpot pork, potatoes and onions in cream of mushroom soup and the kids LOVED that meal.

For veggies they like carrots, peas and corn.  They also like avocado.  Fruits include strawberries, bananas and kiwi fruit.  Blueberries were not a hit but they only tried them 1x before the season ended.

We had chicken tenders once, the kids loved those.  They like waffles, pancakes, toast and they absolutely love yogurt.  They like Yobaby, some kid yogurt that has 25% less sugar and they like Go-Gurts.  Cherrios and Kik are their favorite cereals.  But, they prefer Gerber Puffs.

Animal crackers, cereal bars, CHEESE (Colby Jack and American, occasionally cheddar), chocolate pudding, rice and pasta round out their favorite foods.  Tonight they had some diced potatoes that were really soft and they loved those.

I haven't tried green beans yet as I think that they need some more teeth.  One day soon I am going to make them a grilled cheese sandwich.  After they turn 1 year old, they can have PB&J!

If you have any food suggestions, please let me know.  Here are pictures of tonight's dinner: diced carrots, diced chicken breast and potatoes.

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