Friday, September 10, 2010

What's Caught My Eye? - I Can Not Do It All

Once a week on Fridays I will do a post about something that has caught my eye.  It may be political, funny, outlandish or it may be something to create, buy or lust over (if it's too $$$ - don't worry - no adult content here).

Today's topics is -


I got this awesome little pic from this interesting and talented blogger .  It caught my attention for a slightly different reason - I keep thinking of things that I WANT to do, but, I don't seem to have the time.* 

How can I not have the time?  I'm a  SAHM.  I only have 2 kids.  Said kids take 2 naps a day.  Sometimes we have 3 days a week when we don't leave the house.  I keep the TV off, I keep the phone chatting to a minimum.  I occasionally close the computer.  How is it that I can't get everything that I want to get done - done?
Oh, that is right!  There is the never ending list of cooking, baking, shopping, letting the dogs out, letting them in, feeding them, feeding the babies: 3 meals and 2 snacks and 4 or 5 bottles a day, clean the house, do the baby laundry, do the adult laundry, run the dish washer at least 1x a day for dishes and 2x a week for bottles, make the 2 pitchers of formula, make the bottles, change the sheets, change the crib sheets, change the pack and play sheets, get the mail, sort the mail, pay the bills, check in with Grampa, check in with Grampa Danny, check in with both in-laws, check in with everyone else, take picture of the babies, share pictures of the babies, check in with Jessica, check in with our lovely neighbor, clean off the high chairs, clean them off again and repeat 4x, go to the post office, sell our old stuff, declutter, change 10 diapers a day, pack up seasonal clothes, pack up babies' clothes that are too small, give stuff back to people that we have borrowed, make social plans, plan our social functions, call various doctors for appointments, check in with girlfriends, put our laundry away, put the baby laundry away, give the dogs water, Furminate Boone, wash the Exersaucers, wash the high chair covers, take out the trash, take out the recycling, exercise, update the blog, order pictures from Snapfish, go to Church, give kids am nap, give kids pm nap, story time with kiddos, have some fun, have a date night, go out for some alone time, go to library, go to dry cleaner, return emails, work on baby books, find new recipes, eat more locally grown foods, go for walks, have playdates...

*Sigh*, I do feel better after typing that out!

I do occasionally get things done, woo-hoo!

*These expectations are all self-induced.  No one is cracking the whip or making me feel badly about anything including the days that we don't leave the house!

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