Thursday, September 30, 2010

TV Recap - Gossip Girl - September 27, 2010

I just love a secret society!   Gossip Girl doesn't disappoint with it comes to societies.  Hamilton House is the new place to be.  I'm so happy that Serena and Blair put their friendship first.  Maybe they will lave all that catty competition behind!  Juliet is in for it now that Serena's in the club and Lilly is in the know.

Whoa, Dan was the most exciting part of the epi?  Not Dan's baby, WOOT!  Dan should thank his lucky stars that he no longer has to have Geogina Sparks in his life.  Too bad about little Milo, though.  And, Dan and Vanessa are back together and are now live-in-lovers?  Did not expect that to happen so soon into the season.

Still not too invested in Chuck & Eva.  I saw from the previews that there is some excitement with them next week.  It will take a great storyline to hook me.

How cute was Chuck with Lilly?  Even though he is awful, I still like this relationship.  Chuck betta watch out for Papa Humphrey.

Blair and Doroda were so cute when they showed Serena her bedroom!

So happy that Nate isn't letting Serena off easy this time.  She usually bats her eyes at him and he forgives her.  But, she did cheat on him, so she deserves some time on the freeze.

Is Juliet poor or not?  She left the tags on her clothes in an earlier epi.  But, she's in the Hamilton House and is the Key Master.  Wouldn't those girls have noticed her clothing issues?  Or, does she borrow everyone's clothes?  Maybe that's why she was joking to Blair about borrowing her clothes?

Who is her jailbird bf?  Do we know who he is?  He looks familiar but, I do watch a lot of TV, so I could just recognize him from another show.

When is Little J coming back?  Why doesn't Eric get more screen time?

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