Thursday, September 9, 2010

TV Recap - Rizzoli & Isles - September 6, 2010

OK, we now have 2 more episodes of Rizzoli & Isles to go.  I originally decided that I would not watch R&I as I have quite enough TV shows and I wasn't that crazy about Angie Harmon in the Women's Murder Club and I am still PO'd that the Women's Murder Club was so abruptly canceled.  (For anyone who doesn't know - this series was based on a series of novels by James Patterson.  The first novel in the series is 1st to Die (The Women's Murder Club)).
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But, then a friend started watching this show and liked it.  She Facebooked about how much she liked it and told me that it was available on Comcast onDemand.  Since OnDemand gives me such easy access to the show and it won't clog up my DVR, I decided to give it a shot while I waited for my Dexter Season 3 DVD to come from Netflix (more about Dexter later).

I watched the first 2 episodes, enjoyed them and heard that TNT renewed this show for a 2nd season, so I decided to keep this show.  I have a TV viewing spreadsheet.  I get all excited when I make it for the fall TV schedule, for the spring TV schedule and again for the summer TV schedule!  Rizzoli & Isles has a place on my spreadsheet now.

About the episode:
A few epis back we learned that Isles was adopted.  I knew that we would end up with some good drama about that, eventually.  I was actually surprised that they started up the bio-family drama so soon!  Our epi had me hooked when they introduced Isles's half brother.  We met her bio-Dad and all agree that he is a bad guy.  Her half brother, who is now dead, was a bad guy but not nearly as bad.  We have some scoop on the mother.  We know that she was smart & classy but her identity is a big secret

I have to say that I didn't really like how they introduced Bones' bad guy Dad on that show.  Now he is a somewhat regular character.  It felt so forced to me, and not natural to the story line when they added him in.  I REALLY hope that we are not headed in the same direction on R&I.  I have this  foreboding feeling that Isles may find herself whisked away to see Big Daddy again.  My feeling is that there was a wrap up of the crime in this episode and that it's nice that Isles gets a baby picture of herself.

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