Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV Recap -The Great Food Truck Race Finale - September 19, 2010

Here it is, the final food truck episode!  I am so excited to see if Gill 'em All is going to be able to take down Nom Nom!  I would actually love to eat at Nom Nom, so, I'll still be happy if they win.  But, Nom Nom SMOKED everyone for 5 weeks!

What a cool way to shake thing up by having the trucks earn $500 in each NYC borough before they are allowed to move on.  I LOVED seeing the girll guys make a banh mi and seeing the Nom Nom's make a burger.  Congratulations to Nom Nom for their cross over burger!

Grill 'em all was very smart and used the Frenchie's restaurant connection in order to get their food supplies.  This allowed them to get a head start.  I think this was a key component of their win.  Congratulations to the Grill 'em All Guys - you surprised everyone and worked hard for your win!  

Does anyone have a yummy food truck near them?  I don't mean a Mr. ShadyRoachCoach either!

All images are from the Food Network site.
Nom Nom
Gill 'em all

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