Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries - September 16, 2010

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Not a good day to be a Carnie!  The Vampire Diaries now has Caroline the Vamp, LOVE it!  I was so confused at the end of last week, thinking that they REALLY killed Caroline.  But, of course they can't do that.  Damon's blood was in her system so she lives, as a Vampire.  How great was it when she was giving the business to Damon?  So glad that she remembers how bad he treated her.  Can she fool Matt?  Someone needs to get Caroline a ring so that she can go out in the daylight!  I hope that she sticks around, she is adding some serious drama.

So, what do we think that Tyler and his uncle turn into?  Wolves?  Another type of shapeshifter? I'm not really into this storyline.  The uncle isn't that interesting and Tyler is a pill, on a good day!  But, they did get my attention when Tyler opened the floor hidey-hole and got the rock-thingie.  What, if you hold the rock, you don't transform when there is a full moon?

I feel for Bonnie.  Her head is going to explode!   Elena and Stefan had their Ferris ride, sweet.  Can't wait for more!  I felt like there was a lot of setup in this epi, so bring on the action!!

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