Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TV Recap - True Blood - September 12, 2010

What did you think of the Season 3 finale of True Blood?  I really enjoyed it.  Some of the buzz that I "heard" today was negative, though.

Here are my thoughts:

I'm really glad that Sam told Tara his big secret.  I hope they hook up again someday as I think that Sam can be redeemed despite his past. Tara seems to be hittin' the road.  I think I like her new short 'do.  Lala (Lafayette) is going to be PISSED that she didn't even say goodbye.  Maybe she texted him.  She looks great in Lala's old car; I forgot that he gave it to her when he got upgraded wheels from Eric.  I feel bad for Sookie though, she seems to really need a non-supernatural friend in her life.  And, it ain't gonna be Tara!

Jason as the leader of Hotshot?  This I will have to see to believe!  And, he'll be in charge of Hotshot but won't be with Crystal?  I just don't see that happening.  I know that a LOT of people are over this whole storyline.  Maybe I will have to be over it, too.

Could you believe Tara's Mama getting in on with the Reverend?

LOVED the intervention!  I think it was a great example of comedic relief!!  But, I want Hoyt&Jessica to be together and I *love* that he rented them a love nest.  They seem so happy that I did feel like we were being setup.  If Hoyt's Mama buys some anti-Vampire Bullets to go with that new gun, then Jessica betta' watch out!

Tits on a Turtle, got to remember that one!

Sookie putting Talbot down the garbage disposal was fantastic!  Russel is a-lone now.

I, too, love a peanut butter & butter sandwich.  But, I add a banana.

Bill and Sookie are off again.  Fine by me.  Eric and Sookie aren't getting together anytime soon.  Fine by me.  See  note below.

Glad that Sookie is going to check out Fae Land again.  It *could* be interesting...

Some of my questions:
  • Is Jesus in the same coven or same type of coven as Holly the waitress? Maybe they are opposing witch-types.  I still think that Jesus's family is more into voo-doo than wicken, tho.
  • Did Pam & Eric move or release Russel from the cement?  Maybe Eric will blackmail Bill with Russel's new location.
  • Does anyone care if Tommy got shot?  
  • WHICH MAN for Sookie?  I say take a big break from Bill and Eric and look to Alcide or my favorite, Quinn!  I really, really hope we get some Quinn in Season 4 and they had best not change Quinn up the way they did Calvin.
If you haven't yet read the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series, I recommend those books as a way to pass the next 9 months while you wait for Season 4 of True Blood to come to HBO.

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  1. I love True Blood! But I definitely wasn't a fan of the finale (maybe because all their other finales were so amazing).

    I thought the second to last episode should have been the finale. That ending was definitely finale worthy.

    I definitely heart Eric. Even though, I'm more team Eric in the books – I can't let it go. :)