Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap - September 13, 2010

Good Morning and Happy Monday!
And, a very special Happy 42nd bday to my husband!!  You are the best husband that I could have ever imagined and I love you to the moon & back, infinity.  XOXOXOXOXO

Now, for our weekend recap:
Friday: Due to my husband's work schedule, Friday nights are uneventful.  The kiddos were in their new jammies and tucked into their cribs promptly at 6:30pm.  I had some delicious crockpot pork, potatoes and green beans and watched some of Dexter Season 3 that I had from Netflix.

Saturday: We chilled around the house until our baby sitter arrived!  We had a long overdue date night/birthday outing planned.  We went out to dinner and to a concert and saw Joe Louis Walker.  My husband is a huge blues aficionado.  The concert was at The Met which is now located in Pawtucket, RI.  The Met used to be located in Providence.  We once saw The Prodigals there.  I remember there was not a lot of seating available.  I was TRAUMATIZED by this.  When we bought the tickets, I pictured a small venue with 2 person tables and a cocktail waitress bringing us drinks... I did not picture standing up like part of a mosh pit!  I'm happy to report that there were some tables and seating for about 50.  Since we were nice and early, we were able to get a table and 2 chairs.  I did have to go up to the bar for drinks, tho, there weren't any waitresses around.

I should also mention that we did some Geocashing!  We found our first Geocashe with our new handheld GPS device.  We had searched for this particular Geocashe before, with our car GPS.  You definitely need a handheld GPS for Geocashing.  I wish I had pictures but I didn't want to leave our camera in the car while we went to the show, so, no pictures of the first one!  For those that are wondering, we TNLN (took nothing, left nothing).  I really enjoyed this find, and that is the point.  We went to try and find a second Geocashe but we were not able to find it as it was getting towards dusk and it was in the trees, so, there was not enough light.

Sunday: Sunday is one of my favorite days because my husband gets up with the kiddos and I sleep in!  I do have to wake him at 6:30am when the kiddos cry to get released from their cribs.  Then, I fall back asleep or read until 8:30 and it is beyond fabulous.  We met my MIL and her husband for lunch in Providence's version of the North End, Federal Hill.  We had a wonderful lunch and catch up.  All of the food was delish.  Juliette & Jack really enjoyed the raviolis.  The raviolis were from Venda Ravioli and they get 8 thumbs up from us!  We had some delicious carrot cake/birthday cake for dessert with the in-laws, at our house.  The kiddos took a short but WAY OVERDUE nap.  Us adults watched Sons of Anarchy (finally!!).

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  1. Yahoo!! I love Tito and I love geocaching. This is the perfect blog entry